Classic technical alpinism to the top of the Central Wall
Dates entirely of your choice!

"The Seagul Ridge" in Vratsa is one of the longest and most engaging alpine routes in Bulgaria.
However, it is also one of the most accessible - the approach is only 10-15 minutes, and the rich variety of routes along the first, 80-meter rock tower, makes it suitable for people of all levels. The start of the ridge gives a choice between 11 different lines, with grades from 4+ to 6b+, and the climbing is on very solid rock.
Of course, one could also do laps on the tower all day, but a true alpine adventure requires us to complete the route to the top of the Central Wall. We'll be able to enjoy 500m of varied and panoramic climbing of mostly fourth grade sections, sprinkled here and there with spicy cruxes up to 5+/6-, and an incredible view of the brutally beautiful overhangs of the Hergiani sector...

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