Diabolically whistling, the wind flies by the sharp arete... You are only one step away from the terrifying and alluring abyss... Every move has to be perfect and every mistake would be your last... Your heartbeat is absolutely frantic, the adrenaline is bursting out through your ears, your hands seem to have frozen, and the views around you are simply dazzlingly majestic! You are surrounded by bottomless chasms, beautiful cliffs and even more beautiful peaks... If you dare to look across the abyss, you can even catch a glimpse of the majestic Alpine Pirin range in the distance...

This is what it feels like to climb the northeast ridge of The Evil Fang!

First climbed on July 19, 1935. by Bulgarian climbers and Germans Hermand Hund and Toni Wiedemann, this route is one of the most beautiful classics of Bulgarian mountaineering, and its low difficulty makes it particularly popular.
This gives us the chance to be one with the mountain and fully enjoy a truly extreme alpine adventure.